Uber Existence Actor

Uber Existence Actors equip audiovisual devices and go out on behalf of the users. You can work any time you want, and get the reword immediately.

Advantages to work as an Uber Existence Actor

Free way to work

You can work any time only for one hour, only on the weekend, surely everyday.

Weekly reword payment

The reword is payed to your bank account weekly. And you can check the history of the rewords with the app.

Brand new experience of life

You act as an user while working as an actor. You will visit where you do not usualy go, what you do not usualy do as if you live another person's life. The new discoveries are waiting for you.


Adjust the schedule

When you receive the request from the user, the one and you decide the day and time.


After checking the audiovisual connection with the user, you crawl around the location.


If you have questions, you can ask in the help on app or help.uberexistence.com. Also, we support at the partner center in each city.

Documents to register

  • Identification papers
  • A profile photo
    • Please prepare a photo of one that looks at the front without a hat, and one that shows the entire face and shoulders. Photos of one that wears sunglasses and masks are not allowed.
    • Please prepare photo that does not show any objects or shadows in the background. You cannot use a copy of your driver's license.
  • A medical certificate
    • Please submit a medical certificate with a doctor's seal issued within 3 months.

Introduction of an Uber Existence actor

We asked an active Uber Existence actor to talk about his reasons for starting this work, his thoughts, and his future goals.

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